about me


I (Phạm Hưng) were born in Van Ninh – town in Khanh Hoa province, Viet Nam.

After graduating Bachelor of Mathematics, I work as a Math teacher for 5 years. It is the time I found my passion, that is photography. 

I spend most of my time to capture beautiful location around Viet Nam and Vietnamese. I explore the beauty of culture in everywhere I come. 

So I found, that is my destiny. Now, I am a full time photographer.

my little achievements

In 2019, I took 3rd Prize of National Adward in Sony World Photography with Yoga Patterns.

Yoga Patterns - 3rd Prize Sony World Photo - National Adwards 2019

As a National Geographic Yourshot contributor, my images were published on NatGeo Assigment and Mesmerizing photos of Viet Nam.

I also have somes images which were exhibitied in Festival Youth Photography of Viet Nam, The Times daily photo, CCTV, Beauty of Cam Ranh,  …

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